Georgies hoping to back up last season


Tara Murray

It will be new looking Caroline Springs George Cross this season in FV state league 1 north-west.

Having been top of the competition last season when it was called off due to COVID-19, the Georgies had been hoping to return to the National Premier League competition this year.

With that not to be with Football Victoria ruling out promotion and relegation, the Georgies have seen a number of players depart ahead of what coach Eric Vassiliadis describes will be an interesting season.

“I’m looking forward to it,” he said. “It has come pretty quickly.

“We’re still bitterly disappointed by the results and the judgement. The code had the chance to be progressive and be proactive, but went in a different direction.

“It’s a significant disadvantage for us, for us to just get back to where we were.”

Vassiliadis said they had lost seven players from last year’s squad who they were still trying to replace.

He said the changes to the list and COVID-19 had resulted in an interrupted pre-season.

“We’ve had four go into the NPL1 system. It’s a real dilemma, as we want them to go to a higher level and you foster them, but you don’t want to lose them either.

“But we’re excited by some of the players that we’ve brought to the club. The club wants to do it [be on top again].”

Vassiliadis said he was getting close to finalising a squad he is happy with.

Among the signings so far are Matthew Sesto, Adrian Mancini, Jason Hart, Aidan Farquhar, Andelo Svalina, Zois Galanopoulos and James Brown.

Vassiliadis said other clubs had seemed to invest plenty of money into their squads for this season, which would strength the competition.

With that happening, he said it would be hard to finish top and claim promotion.

“We’re confident in the team to get the boys ready,” he said. “We’re not far from the first priority which is the Australia Cup [former FFA Cup], which starts in two weeks’ time.

“Then our first target of the regular season is Yarraville [Glory] in round one.

“My job is to bridge the gap from where everyone thinks we should be [NPL] and where we really are.

“We’re not far from where it needs to be and to challenge for the championship and to get back up.

“We want to get promoted.”

The Georgies start their season on March 19.