My Place: Tara Tran

Tara Tran

Tara Tran is the founder of Vietlove Inc, which is one of the biggest non-profit community organisations in Brimbank. Through her work with VietLove, Tara is making a real difference to the community. The group was set up with a small number of friends in March 2020 when Covid began to have an impact on Melbourne. Since then the group has grown quickly where Tara today leads the 20,000 strong group in supporting local organisations and events in Brimbank and providing valuable input and help for community projects.

What is your connection to Brimbank?

I have lived in Sunshine North since 2008. I am a community leader so I had been supported by Brimbank for my works and some of my projects are funded by Brimbank city council and Victorian government.

You founded one of the biggest non-profit community organisations in Brimbank, Vietlove Inc in March 2020, can you tell us a little bit more about it?

At beginning of March 2020, when Melbourne affected by COVID first wave? I had formed a group of friend and try to help community with anything Thầy we could. The group is growing to quick, currently it had 20,000 followers and is growing. So I decided to formalise our activities by registering for incorporation and name it Vietlove INC – Vietnamese Community’s Love for Australia. I am a migrant, I came to Australia when I were 16 year old, Australia provides and support me so much and giving me so many opportunities to be where I am therefore I would do something back for Australia and it’s people.

You won the Citizen of the Year Award for Brimbank in 2022. What is some of the work you are most proud of?

Our organisation have so many projects including: English class, free for elderly and $5/hr for anyone in labour age (18-50 yo), filling out forms for people with insufficient English language skills, mental Heath and many more. The work that I am so proud of is mental Heath. We had supported thousand of cases for mental support within such a small amount of time, some are so close to decide for ending their own lives, lucky they had reach out to us and we talked them through, some cases we also refer them to local GP and psychologist for further check up and professional assistance.

You are going to try and stand for parliament as an independent, what are some of your ambitions?

I am not a politician, I am a social supporter and fortunately I had a chance to experience this life in many different angles, because I came from an Asian back ground but raised up by Australia education and cultural. I see the differences between the two cultures, I also see that advances and disadvantages from both nations. Beside that I had been involved directly with community members, all different nationalities and backgrounds, it gave me a clear vision of where everyone standing and what the difficulty they are facing and what could be done to balance the values for everyone so we can reach to a mutual vision, we can enjoy our lives event better. My focus will be : education to be changes for our kids, I believe Australian education had allowed focusing in self development and freedom to explore them self, but for me our children would be more successful if we provide them guidance with efficient skills to prepare them for the real world.

Mental issue will be effective managed with an efficiency cost. Because I am currently doing my Post Graduate Psychology and science, I know what can be done improve our communities mental well-being.

Each year there were more than 3000 cases of suicidal, and this figure is increasing. During last decade since 2009 till now, the suicidal rate had increased 33%. In the opposite side, government welfare spending is also increasing each year. It a big amount, such as $195.7 billion had spent in 2019-2020. What does that picture telling you? The government spending is increasing but our mental well-being is getting worse.

So my major focus will be mental Heath for Australian, I am confident that I can reduce suicidal rate by 90% for my first 2 years as senator of Victoria. I had been working on my project related to suicidal issue.

I will bring Australia economy performance to a higher level while reducing government expenditure to reduce the financial pressure to our nation.

Further more, Chinese Communist Party will be weaken under my leadership. I will bring back all the business that we have lost for chine in the past years. My background is senior finance consultant, I had graduated Banking and finance in 2007, and had been involved with finance industry since.

To CCP, there will be No war, not big dollars to be spent but we still win this battle. If anyone here thinking that I am fluffing, then please think about the history, in 1975, Vietnam won America with their bare hands, that is reality. I am the best-fit for Senator role because I under stand the communist mind-set. I understand their strength and weaknesses and that is the major key that our government needs to improve our position against CCP.

I promise to all Australian that I will show you a newly vision of Australia that you have never experienced before in your life.

I ask for your support and vote for me for this election, as I am an independent candidate against major parties who spend millions of dollars on media sources for their campaign promotion. I don’t have that much of financial capacity. I am not asking for fund raising – but I need your vote for Tara Tran. One vote for Tara Tran is bringing Australia one step closer to a greater Australia.