Leadership recognised

Three Caroline Chisholm teachers have recently received awards. Pic of teachers (L-R): Colin Chapman; Monique Dalli and Julie Pilioglou. Photo by Damjan Janevski. 229994_03

Tara Murray

Three Caroline Chisholm Catholic College teachers are leading the way for their peers.

The school’s director of professional learning, Monique Dalli, and careers and VET co-ordinator Julie Pilioglou, recently became two of the first teachers in Victoria to be nationally certified by Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools and authority for Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL).

Ms Dalli said 60 people started the process for certification, just 12 people finished.

“The impact of remote learning and working towards this accreditation was not easy,” she said.

“Part of gaining this certification required us to reflect on our teaching journey, analyse our leadership and consider our work output that is part of our day-to-day operations.

“However, it enabled us to realise that we go a little above and beyond our duties, which was a good way to better understand the impact we have had in the teaching profession.

“The analysis and determination to continue to work through what was required gave us the opportunity to better appreciate gaining this certification.

“We are very honoured to be in the first cohort of nationally certified, highly accomplished and lead teachers.”

For Ms Pilioglou, completing the certificate wasn’t a small task

“My youngest child told me whilst I was completing the certification requirements that I was always on the computer,” she said.

“When I told him, I was studying after my day at work he was curious to ask me what it was all about.

“As I told him what I was doing he realised, as did I, that the process required an enormous amount of commitment, dedication, and time but it gave me the opportunity to reflect on my many years of work.

“What I had done, where I had been and my accomplishments. That in itself was an eye-opener as for me.”

Meanwhile, the school’s head of learning [mathematics] Colin Chapman has been awarded the Adem Foster Award for Leadership in Technologies Education by Design and Technology Teachers Association (DATTA).

Mr Chapman was nominated by his peers for going above and beyond and leading in the subject area.