Speeding drivers caught out


Tara Murray

Brimbank speeding drivers are lighter in the pocket after being caught out during Victoria Police’s Operation Arid.

The operation, which ran over the long weekend, nabbed 139 speeding offences in Brimbank. Overall, there were nearly 3000 speeding offences across the state.

In Brimbank there were 12 unregistered vehicles, 14 seat belt offences, 11 drug drivers and six unlicensed drivers detected during the four-day blitz.

There were no drink drivers caught.

Across the state there were 6762 traffic offences, 215 drink drivers and 195 drug drivers caught.

Road Policing Command Assistant Commissioner Libby Murphy said while the majority of people were doing the right thing, the message wasn’t getting through to everyone.

“This long weekend, we saw tragedies on our roads with four people dying and four others left with life-threatening injuries,” she said.

“Heartbreakingly, their families and friends will now be left to pick up the pieces, and four families will now be mourning the loss of their loved ones.”

“Road trauma is preventable. While police saw the majority of people do the right thing on our roads, too many people were selfishly putting their lives, and the lives of others, at risk.”

“All we ask is for people to have a little more patience and care on our roads so that everybody can arrive at their destinations safely.”