Goodbye my friend

Brimbank Highway Patrol said goodbye to their last SS Commodore. Picture Brimbank Eyewatch

Tara Murray

It was a sad day for the Brimbank Highway Patrol as the unit relinquished their last Holden SS Commodore.

A member of the highway patrol unit took to the Brimbank Eyewatch Facebook page to pen a goodbye letter to the much loved cars.

“It really is the end of an era, many members in the unit have been driving V8’s at work for decades and they will be sorely missed,” it said.

“For me the SS was the perfect work tool, like a good hammer, simple but very good to hit nails with.

“I’m sure many will be sad to see it go and work will never quite be the same without the roar of the V8 either in the cabin, buzzing the tower, echoing through quiet streets or bleeding through the police radio when you hear your mates going after someone.

“The silver bullet was the final SS in our fleet after the cookie monster and red rocket came to an untimely end, all three saw more than their fair share of action.

“Hopefully they are all off to new and appreciative owners and can live out their days on more peaceful pastures.”