Clubs continue with fight


Tara Murray

A group of soccer clubs, including Caroline Springs George Cross and Keilor Wolves, are continuing to seek appropriate counsel as they seek promotion and relegation through the National Premier League and Football Victoria state league competitions.

As reported by Star Weekly, 40 clubs have joined forces as part of the United Football Group which are fighting Football Victoria’s decision to cancel all 2021 competitions, without promotion or relegation.

The group presented three options to FV to consider; promotion and recognition of champions based on current standings or points per matches played method, with or without relegation; restructure of the leagues to achieve the desired effect of promotion/relegation, completed in line with the 2021 Football Australia Performance Gap Report; or align with FV principles and fixture the outstanding games between teams who have not played against each other to complete the season and award promotion and relegation.

On Tuesday, the group released a press release following a FV announcement in regards to next season.

Football Victoria said with the 2021 season being deemed incomplete, only men’s and women’s state league vacancies will be filled in 2022, with NPL Victoria optimal league structures to be considered from the 2023 season.

“Earlier today, Football Victoria issued a statement confirming it will proceed filling existing vacancies in men’s and women’s state league competitions,” United Football’s release said.

“This position in effect dismissed the range of options and discussions put forward from the United Football Group of Clubs.

“We are extremely disappointed and disillusioned with not only the decision but also the lack of leadership and courage to make a decision in the best interests of the game, despite recent indications that a restructure of leagues could have been a reasonable outcome.

“Having met earlier this evening, our club as a part of this group, is committed to now pursuing this matter and is continuing to seek appropriate counsel.”

Caroline Springs George Cross was sitting atop state league 1 north-west when the season ended, while Keilor Wolves were on top in state league 5 west.