Brimbank council to get tough on transport


Brimbank council plans to get tougher in its ongoing fight to improve the area’s much-maligned public transport.

The council adopted the final draft of the Brimbank Transport Disadvantage Policy 2017 at last week’s meeting following a two-month community consultation period.

Mayor John Hedditch said community requirements were not being met.

“Given Brimbank is the second largest municipality in Melbourne, transport disadvantage is an especially relevant issue and we are continuously looking for better ways to meet this challenge,” he said.

“We are disadvantaged by many residential areas and industrial precincts not having close access to public transport routes and there is increasing pressure to provide transport services to meet the requirements of the community.

“For people living with a disability, young people and older people, many health and social impacts can arise from the lack of available and accessible transport options.”

While public transport isn’t directly part of council’s domain, Cr Hedditch said the policy contained an advocacy component that would be heavily utilised.

“Brimbank will continue to advocate to federal and state governments to improve services, opportunities and resources for those groups in the community who are most disadvantaged.”

Cr Virginia Tachos echoed Cr Hedditch’s comments, saying the current system is contributing to disadvantage within Brimbank.

“It entrenches disadvantage and can make getting to jobs, particularly late shifts, difficult,” Cr Tachos said.