Amanda’s MAFS experience ends

By Tate Papworth

Married at First Sight star Amanda Micallef has taken aim at her television bride and the show’s producers.

Amanda, who left the show last week, claimed her on-screen bride Tash Herz had a girlfriend the entire time.

“I found out that Tash had a girlfriend the whole time, which was pretty disappointing,” Amanda said.

“We barely spent any time together on the show and I know why.

“What she said on camera was that she wanted to build on a friendship and I made her feel uncomfortable, but she was seeing someone the whole time.”

The St Albans resident said the experiment wasn’t what she thought it would be and slammed the show’s producers.

“I went on the show to have fun, but I didn’t. I had a s**t time. It’s pretty clear they only match people for ratings.

“In what world was a European businesswoman like myself going to be a good match for a heavily tattooed Australian bartender?”

While her time on the show didn’t work out as she’d hoped, Amanda said she’s been overwhelmed by the support she’s received from the public.

As for her love life?

“I am speaking to someone at the moment and there’s a connection, but it’s early.”