Dumped, now feline fine

By Tate Papworth

Liam and Thomas are all heart, which is more than can be said for those who dumped the then one-week old kittens in a Brimbank dumpster.

Weighing just 150 grams – the size of a small banana – the brothers were in bad shape when they were discovered.

They’ve spent the past 70 days at the Lost Dog’s Home North Melbourne shelter recovering.

Having beaten the odds, the outgoing, playful and very affectionate kittens are ready to find a new home.

Unfortunately, they’re not alone.

Spokeswoman for the Lost Dog’s Home Suzana Talevski said the home dealt with a lot of dumped animals.

She said people often had to give up their pets for a range of reasons, including relationship breakdown, moving house and rental arrangements.

“We urge members of the public to please not dump animals,” Ms Talevski said.

“If you find a stray animal have a heart and, please take it to your local council, vet or animal welfare organisation.

“There’s never an excuse to dump animals in such a cruel manner.”

Liam and Thomas were cared for by the home’s foster team, during work hours and at home.

Ms Talevski urged anyone interested in foster care to contact the team at pathways. team@dogshome.com

To adopt a cat visit: www.dogshome.com/ cat-adoption/adopt-a-cat/