Budget boost for women’s health organisations


Women’s health organisations GenWest and Women’s Health in the North will receive funding boosts from the state government.

The government has set aside $18 million in its 2024-25 budget for 12 women’s health organisations.

The government said the work will be delivered by women for women, including those from multicultural backgrounds, Aboriginal women, women with disabilities, and women in regional Victoria.

GenWest gender equity general manager Kate Phillips said the funding would help the organisation do more work with schools about consent, education and respectful relationships.

“ We’ll be able to expand the number of schools in the different settings that we deliver, that vital health information in, and we’ll be able to do so much more in language, health, education, work in the community,“ she said.

“And we’ll also be able to do more workplace training on gender inclusive practice and all of that work really contributes, will really work, is us working towards achieving gender equity in the West and supporting women’s health and wellbeing.“

Women’s Health in the North said the funding would enable it to continue its work in priority areas of gender equity, prevention of gender-based violence, and sexual and reproductive health.

Health Minister Mary-Anne Thomas said women’s health organisation provide a range of services including producing tools and resources to empower women to take charge of their own health, sharing information about women’s rights and service options, as well as initiatives to promote gender equality, family violence prevention and inclusive women’s health policy.

“Women’s health matters. That’s why we are currently delivering a complete transformation of women’s health in Victoria – and supporting these 12 organisation to continue delivering for women across the state,“ she said,

“For too long women’s pain has been overlooked, misdiagnosed and dismissed – we’re taking a stand by listening to Victorian women and overhauling how women’s health is treated in Victoria.”