Your chance to save a life

By Ewen McRae

Paramedics are calling on residents to download a phone app as part of a campaign to encourage the community to step in after a cardiac arrest.

Paramedics will be holding CPR displays at the Caroline Springs library this month to demonstrate the GoodSAM app.

Ambulance Victoria Melton senior team manager Fida Masri said it was important the community knew what to do if they were with someone experiencing a heart attack.

“We know that if a bystander steps in and begins CPR before we arrive it doubles the person’s chance of survival.

“Minutes matter in cardiac arrest, and the sooner a person receives CPR and the application of a defibrillator, the better their chances of survival.

“Bystanders are the critical first link in the chain of survival and can help keep patients alive before our highly-trained paramedics arrive.”

Ms Masri said 16 Victorians suffer cardiac arrest each day, and only one in 10 survive.

The GoodSAM Responder app alerts responders to a nearby suspected cardiac arrest and the location of the nearest AED.

The library event will be held at Caroline Springs library on October 19, from 9.30am-12.30pm.


Ewen McRae