Melbourne Water seeks EPA exemption

By Star Weekly

Melbourne Water will soon be seeking an exemption from a Works Approval from EPA Victoria for the Upper Stony Creek Channel works.

We are seeking an exemption from a Works Approval because the activities we are undertaking will improve the management of contaminated land.

Upper Stony Creek Wetland, Sunshine North

We are proposing to complete the wetland as originally proposed including planting and shared paths creating Upper Stony Creek Wetland Park.

While no channel removal is feasible the land adjoining the channel will be managed for asbestos, grassed and planted including shared paths.

The aim is to have the site open up for public access including 5.7 hectares of public open space.

A copy or a summary of the draft proposal, accompanying draft plans, specifications and other information can be viewed at no charge at or request a copy by contacting or call 131 722.

Interested persons may, within 21 days of the date of advertisement, comment in writing on the draft application.