Sunshine RSL celebrates a century

17/01/2020. BSW. Sunshine. Sunshine RSL is turning 100. Pictured are Garry Collins and George Dyson. (Shawn Smits).

By Tate Papworth

It’s 1919, World War I has just concluded and a number of returned servicemen have gathered at a miniature rifle range on Hampshire Road.

Among the chatter, an idea to form an RSL sub-branch for Sunshine emerges.

With the help of the community, the Sunshine RSL was quickly established and has endured ever since.

It’s a place with much history and next month it’s set to notch a major milestone when it turns 100.

Sunshine RSL president Garry Collins believes the RSL is one of the oldest in the state and said a number of things were planned to mark the occasion.

“One of the big things to mark our 100th anniversary will be the dinner we’re having on February 9,” Mr Collins said.

“We’ve done a ring-around and invited all our veterans and we’re expecting over 40 of them to attend.”

The occasion was also marked at a major bowls tournament on Saturday, where members of the community, other clubs and officials celebrated the RSL and had a cake cutting ceremony.

While an important part of the community, Mr Collins said the club was always looking for more members.

“Some people don’t really want much to do with the RSL when they return, I’ve found that it’s something that with time people come to, but new members are always welcome.

“We’re a bit light on for committee members at the moment, so we’re always on the lookout for them too.”