Graffiti shocks suburb

By Dewi Sherry

Police, Melton council and residents have condemned racism in their community after vandals scrawled racial slurs and symbols across walls at Toolern Creek Reserve.

The graffiti, which included Nazi symbols and racist comments, was quickly removed by Melton council last week.

A video showing the graffiti, titled “Melton South most racist town in Australia”, was uploaded to the Crime Watch Melton Facebook page last week, and immediately sparked widespread condemnation.

Melton police Inspector Phil Nash described the graffiti as a criminal act.

“Police want any information regarding situations like this, this type of behaviour does not stand.

“In regards to the racist wording, it is an offence under the racial discrimination act.”

An administrator for the Facebook page, who did not wish to be named, said: “We are extremely disappointed and shocked that such racist graffiti could be painted in Melton.

“Melton is a beautiful and inclusive community. To know that there are people with views that support the KKK & Nazis is not only scary, but un-Australian.

“Australian and New Zealand forces fought and died defending the world from the Nazi’s in WWII and to express any opinion in support of these groups goes against everything Australians should believe in.”

The video was trending on social media and attracted a number of comments from residents all around Melton. A large amount of them were angry about the title of the video: “Melton South most racist town in Australia”.

One resident said: “Melton being the most racist city in Australia is a far cry from the truth.

“Whilst I don’t condone this pathetic dribble scrawled on our walls, I can understand the sentiment that many in the community are fed up with the … crime wave in this town. But regurgitating the KKK (Klu Klux Klan) and making your little gang on that premise, simply stupid.”

Melton City Council’s operations manager Leslie Stokes said the council was “extremely disappointed” by the graffiti at Toolern Creek Reserve.

“The graffiti was reported to council on 18 October. A graffiti response team was sent out to begin the clean-up that afternoon,” he said.

“The removal of the graffiti was completed on 19 October.”