Kings Park: Magdallene Ektoras art focuses oriental eye

Kings Park artist Magdallene Ektoras believes her work has been irrevocably altered by the decade she spent in China.

“The move was pivotal in my art and has shaped it into what it is today. Although it’s Chinese, it’s not in traditional form,” Ms Ektoras says of her latest exhibition, Heaven is as low as Earth.

The paradoxical title is borrowed from an ancient Chinese philosopher, Hui Shi, and deals with the illusory nature of perception.

“It captures the type of abstract art and themes I grapple with in my practice,” the 45-year-old said.

“I seek to create work where the point of departure is a recognisable form and mood and, from that point onwards, leaves open possibilities for interpretation.”

Born in Greece, Ms Ektoras has lived in Brimbank since arriving back from China in 2008. She says she’s noticed a marked difference in her style since her return.

“During that period in China, there was construction going on 24/7 and a constant sense that anything could happen. It was restless and on edge. Back home, we have a much more orderly, quiet existence and that’s reflected in my newer works.”

Ms Ektoras has developed her own technique of using traditional Chinese rice paper and acrylic, and describes her paintings as lyrical abstract in style.

“The mix of the weighty, almost weather-proof surface of acrylic against the fragile rice paper lends to the creation of unique images and textures,” she said.

Heaven is as low as Earth exhibits more than 40 works and is at Cambridge Studio Gallery in Collingwood until November 15.

The studio is open Wednesday-Friday, 11am until 5pm. More details are at