Brimbank council tells staff: ‘No’ vote won’t change EBA

Brimbank council has warned its employees that it won’t go back to the negotiating table if they vote down the draft Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA).

In an email sent to council staff last Monday, council management warned employees they would lose backpay, dating back to July 1, if the draft EBA was not approved by the majority.

“We will not restart negotiations, because this is the best offer we can give and we want to move on,” the email reads. “A no vote will only mean a new vote will happen in the future on the identical [EBA].

“Voting no will not change the [EBA].”

The council put the draft EBA to an employees’ vote last week. The vote will close on October 31.

Council staff and the Australian Services Union are concerned about job security and the contracting out of vital council services, including rubbish collection.

Employees are also concerned about a clause in the draft EBA that refers to the introduction of GPS devices on council vehicles, plant and equipment, and the introduction of surveillance technology.

Staff have gone on strike twice in the past month, and indefinite bans are currently in place for a range of council services.

These include rubbish collection, street cleaning, issuing of infringement notices in selected areas, and maintenance of selected parks and sports grounds.

Senior ASU delegate Kim Henley urged council employees to vote ‘no’ to the proposed EBA.

But corporate and community relations director Helen Morrissey said the council had been negotiating for more than nine months and was disappointed not to have reached a resolution.

“The Fair Work Act specifically says that no party has to make any concessions in bargaining,” Ms Morrissey said.

“Once a party has reached its final offer, it can stay on that.

“This is a good offer and a ‘no vote’ will not change it.”