Team Lind is a touch of class

City West Falcons' Maggie Lind. Picture Shawn Smits.

By Lance Jenkinson

City West Falcons wing attack Maggie Lind would be a rich woman if she received a dollar for every time she was asked, ‘what’s it like to be coached by your mum?’.

Lind understands the outside interest in what is a unique relationship when a parent coaches their child in a team environment.

Away from the court, the 25-year-old has a special bond with her mother, Marg, but she said it can get strained in the highly-charged netball sphere.

“People always ask me that question,” Maggie said with a laugh. “It can be very difficult and sometimes we have a few blews about it.

“I know other people that have been coached by their mums and some of them hate it, but I love it.

“Me and mum have a really good relationship on the court and away from the court.”

Aside from the mother-daughter relationship, Maggie rates her mum highly as a netball coach.

Marg has enjoyed years of success with City West Falcons in the Victorian Netball League and has coached at the highest level with Melbourne Kestrels in the old Commonwealth Bank Trophy.

Marg’s coaching qualities are known, so why is she not coaching in the Super Netball competition?

“She’s the best coach I’ve ever had by far,” Maggie said.

“She’s very strategic, she’s got really good relationships with the players and she’s very nurturing, but when we need a foot up the backside, she’ll give it to you and I love that.

“She should be coaching at a higher level, but I think she’s pretty happy doing grassroots stuff.

“I think she’s ambitious, but she loves the Falcons and loves the Altona Academy, so I don’t think she’d want to lose them, she’s very dedicated there.”

Marg Lind. Picture Mark Wilson

Maggie is entering the peak of her career with City West Falcons.

She is a key member of the Falcons mid-court in a team that is the defending VNL champions and red hot favourites to win the title this season.

With the Falcons developing a number of players that have gone on to play Super Netball, the question can be asked why Maggie is yet to receive a call.

Maggie admits to becoming a bit disillusioned with the game a few years back, but she has found the passion for the game again and is playing at an elite level.

She said she would jump at the chance to play in Australia’s top competition.

“I’m playing better netball than I ever have.

“I’d love to play at the top level and I think I have that capacity, but whether it happens or not, we’ll see.”

City West Falcons sealed the minor premiership with a 75-58 win over Ariels at the State Netball and Hockey Centre on Wednesday night.

The Falcons will round out the home-and-away campaign against Boroondara Express.