Swiss star joins Western United

Leo Lacroix (in blue) has joined Western United. Picture supplied [Getty]

Tara Murray

Swiss star Leo Lacroix couldn’t turn down the chance to play in Australia when the opportunity arose.

The centre-back, who made a name for himself in Europe, has signed a one-year deal with Western United.

Speaking while in quarantine, Lacroix said he had heard so much about Australia that he had to come experience it for himself.

“When you live in Europe, you say ‘I want to go to Australia for a visit for a holiday’, but you always say it’s a long trip and that you need maybe a one month holiday,” he said.

“When I received this offer I spoke with my lawyer, with my wife and family and some friends, who came to holiday in Australia, they told me ‘Leo if you can do this, do it, because Australia is a very nice country’.

“I was speaking with my family and said ‘yes, why not?’ I spoke with Alessandro Diamanti and I spoke with the coach [John Aloisi] and they gave me confidence, they explained about the team and the club.“

Lacroix, who played for Switzerland once, said he hadn’t had the opportunity to watch much of the A-League previously, but he had heard good things.

His former Sion teammate Dario Vidosic spent several years in the A-League.

“We spoke together when I was in Switzerland and Europe, but it was difficult to watch some Australian games.

“In Europe when you speak about the A-League they think it’s like a little bit like MLS [Major Soccer League] in the USA.

“They look to bring in some players from Europe with some experience and good career, to bring this experience for the players to the Australian players.

“It will be a good adventure. I’m looking forward to start this experience.”

Lacroix will join his teammates in the coming weeks after completing quarantine in Sydney. He said it had been interesting quarantining with his wife and two small kids who, like all kids, just want to go outside and play.”

Lacroix said he had some good conversations with new United coach John Aloisi and was excited to get started.

“I like playing well and beautiful from behind and if I can score and help my teammates I will do.

“When I come in on the pitch, I change my mindset. I’ll give my best all the time and try and do my best on the pitch, for my teammates, fans and club.

“This is the objective. The club is young and they want to win something. We want to give something to the fans, the club and our families.“