Stallions slowly building

Brimbank's Jordan Galea. (Joe Mastroianni). 322195_01

Tara Murray

Things are slowly coming together for Brimbank Stallions in the FV state league 1 north-west season.

With Ozan Kara taking over the coaching reins, the Stallions knew that it would take time for things to click.

The past five years, Kara has achieved remarkable success at Upfield, leading it to consecutive championships and guiding its promotion from state league 3 to state league 1.

Kara, who previously played at the club previously, said he was happy with how things were coming together,

“It’s my first year at the club in my second stint,” he said. “It’s been good overall.

“I knew coming in with the team and the group that I was inheriting that it was a very stable group and a great bunch to work with and a really good culture.

“My challenging come in was very obvious with the previous coach having been there for seven years.

“They’ve played a particular playing style and that is ingrained in them. My philosophy is the polar opposite.

“It was always going to be my number one challenge.”

Kara said he knew some of the playing group would adapt quite easily, while for others it would take some time,

With some new players in the mix as well, there have been some challenges. After seven rounds, the Stallions had three wins and draw among their results.

“We got off to a clunky start for those reasons,” he said. “We’re now ratcheting up and adapting to the expectations and the new way.

“We’re finding our rhythm, but we know we’re not there yet. I’d say we’re 60 per cent there, there’s very positive signs.”

Having been one of the contenders the past few years, Kara said this season was more of a transition year.

He said like every coach he wants to win it and is super ambitious is he’s realistic where things are at.

“We would be good if we could give it a shake,” he said. “The grit, the determination and endeavour is there which is very positive.

“You can’t coach that stuff. It’s teaching them the technical side and understanding the way that I want to play.”

Kara said he was enjoying being back at the Stallions. He said there were still some familiar faces around,

“It’s been really great,” he said. “I was a player and assistant coach here seven years ago.

“To come back, it’s full circle. I know a lot of committee men, while most of the playing group has changed.

“There’s a few guys that I played with at other clubs and there’s a few that I played with their brothers and fathers.

“It’s a great stable club.”

Kara said the focus of the group the next period of matches was to continue to build momentum.

The Stallions played Corio on Saturday, after deadline.

They claimed a 3-1 win.

‘It is still anyone’s league,” he said. “There is not any one team that I don’t feel is unbeatable.”