Rivergum and Rosebank ready to rumble

Rivergum celebrate a run out. (Shawn Smits).

By Tara Murray

Another finals series and another match up between Rivergum and Rosebank in the North Metro Cricket Association Jika Shield.

The grand finalists for the past seven seasons, the two teams have finished the regular season one and two and face off for a spot in the grand final again this weekend.

Kookas coach Matt Perri said it’s a credit to both clubs that they keep finding themselves in this position.

“It is a bit weird, but this year has been a bit closer,” he said.

“The Cobras finished only one point behind and were unlucky not to get the double chance.

“You like to play the best and we like playing against them.

“We respect each other as clubs and we know what to expect and they know what we will look to do.”

The Kookas enter the finals on the back of a strong win against Holy Trinity on Saturday.

They did a lot of the hard work on day one, making 236.

The bowlers then did the job early on to put the side in a good position.

“It was pretty good,” Perri said.

“I think we had them about 7-125 or so before they put on a 50-60 run partnership for the eighth wicket.

Rivergum’s Corey Altis. (Shawn Smits).

PHOTO GALLERY: Rivergum vs Holy Trinity 

“It was a bit frustrating, but we had done the hard yards early to put them on the back foot.

“Maybe we took the foot off the pedal.”

Corey Atlis and Perri took three wickets each, as they shared them around.

Atlis and Perri are two of the four Kookas bowlers that have taken more than 19 wickets or more this season, showing the bowling strength.

Kyl Ewart and Jarrod Bannister took the other two.

The win was vital for the Kookas to get that second spot, which comes with a double chance and a shot at Rosebank.

Perri said they were excited to get another shot at Rosebank.

“Obviously we’ve put ourselves in a good position and giving ourselves the best chance, having finished top two.

“They will look to bat 80 overs and chip away with the ball.

“They’re an experienced bunch, similar to ourselves.

“We know what we’ll get, we’re excited.”