New coach for Reds women

Roger Borg (supplied/ Facebook)

Harper Sercombe

Following three straight promotions Sydenham Park has a new coach as it embarks into FV state league 2 for the first time.

The Reds have wasted no time climbing the ranks, being promoted in each season they have fielded a women’s side, now, with experienced coach Roger Borg at the forefront they are hoping to keep the ball rolling.

Borg has spent 16 years coaching women’s soccer at numerous clubs such as Altona City, Yarraville Glory, Albert Park and Point Cook. On the back of a year off coaching, Borg said he is ready to take the Reds to the top flight of state league soccer.

“I’m refreshed and ready to rock and roll again,” he said.

“I had a meeting with the girls not long ago and I said we’re going to division 2 and we don’t want to be making up the numbers, we want to be up there in the top two.

“We want to get promotion and keep getting promotions, we want to be successful at every turn.”

Luckily for the Reds success has followed Borg around the clubs he has been at having earnt promotion at almost every club he has coached.

“As coaches and players we all have our highs and lows, there were a couple of average years but most of them have been pretty good,” he said.

“It’s been a bit of a ride… it’s been good, it’s been fun.”

With trials having taken place over the last couple of weeks, Borg said he is thrilled with the talent and depth at his disposal.

He said the list retention has been really good.

“We’ve also been able to bring in some really talented players as well which I’m pretty excited about,” he said.

“The commitment that we’ve had around the place has been really good and really well received, so we are really, really excited for next season.

“It’s a pretty young squad which is also good, they’re ready to go, they’re keen as.

“Most of them have already started doing their own thing before pre-season which is great, so they have a nice fitness base when we get started and hit the ground running in the new year.”

One of Borg’s former clubs Altona City will also be competing in state league 2 next season, a match up he is looking forward to.

“We left off on pretty good terms,” Borg said.

“I’ve got some lifelong friends there, so I’m keen to catch up with everyone there as well.”