Caroline Springs on new turf in VTCA

Caroline Springs is looking forward to the challenge of what this Victorian Turf Cricket Association season will bring.

As one of several clubs to move across from the Williamstown District Cricket Association, Caroline Springs will have to learn as it goes in the north A1 division.

All the other clubs that moved across from the WDCA played in west A1, so are an unknown quantity to Caroline Springs.

Captain-coach Kane Sevior said he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Initially, we were going to be in the same competition,” Sevior said. “I wasn’t happy about that, as we’d be playing against the same teams we’ve played against the last couple of years.

“This way, it’s more exciting.

“We don’t know what to expect, and it’s a different challenge.”

Sevior said the move to VTCA was one the club needed to make for its long term future.

“The competition is a little more professional and a higher standard.

“We have 17 teams at the club. We used to be a small social club but have grown too big for the one competition.

“We are the biggest club on the western side of the city,” Sevior said.

“With all the kids coming through, they [VTCA] approached us to come across and we decided to take on the challenge.”

As well as a new competition, the club has a new turf wicket. This means they can play at their home ground, which hasn’t happened since the 2013-14 season.

“It is awesome,” Sevior said. “Every home game had been at Werribee, and you were up there three to four times a week to get the ground ready.”

Sevior said it was a little unknown how competitive they will be this season.

“We’ve got eight players 21 and under in our first 11 on the weekend. As long as we grow and make the right steps … we’ll be happy.

“We’ll be pushing for finals and, hopefully, the success that may follow that.”

Caroline Springs’ match against Moonee Valley ended in a draw after wet weather prevented them from taking to the field on day two on Saturday.

On day one, Moonee Valley made 140, after cruising at 3-140. Liam White took four wickets. Caroline Springs was in trouble at 5-29.

All West A1 games were drawn due to rain.

Caroline Springs now hosts Roxburgh Park Falcons in a two-day match starting Saturday.