Zoo’s primates tuck into spring

A vervet monkey enjoying flower enrichment. (Supplied/Zoos Victoria). 252407_02

Spring has stirred up seasonal treats at Werribee Open Range Zoo, with its resident troop of Vervet monkeys

finding one particular wattle blossom absolutely irresistible.

While in bloom, zookeepers are hanging whole branches of the flowering native throughout the monkeys’ habitat to

encourage their natural foraging behaviours.

African River Trail keeper Kristin Garcia said that, while the vibrant yellow colour is alluring for the Vervet troop, it’s

the taste that appeals to them most.

“This Acacia species is so irresistible to our monkeys because it’s high in sugar, resembling something like a naturally

occurring fairy floss,” Ms Garcia said.

As with any sugary treat, the wattle is provided in moderation and offered occasionally amongst a rotating daily

schedule of food-based, sensory and physical enrichments.

“We provide different enrichment items every single day,” Ms Garcia said. “These blossoms are only available for a

short while in late winter and spring. So, it’s a great opportunity for us to offer them something new and novel, and

something we know that they will love.

“We try to replicate food items and experiences that the Vervet monkeys could come across in the wild environment.

In this case, wattle replicates endemic acacia species that exist throughout Africa.”

Ancient Acacia was prolific across the ancient supercontinent of Gondwana, which is why numerous sub-species are

also found in Africa, South America and India. Much of Vervet monkey habitat overlaps with the Acacia woodlands of

Eastern Africa.

Vervet monkey populations are adaptable and fairly widespread. However, the species is now absent from large areas

of their original geographic range. Human-impacted habitat destruction is a continuing threat, causing fragmentation

of smaller, vulnerable populations.

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