Winery shines on small screen

Sandra and Claude Ceccomancini, owners of Arunel Estate Farm, which was the location for the final episode of the new hit drama 'Clickbait'. (Damjan Janevski) 250520_05

Tara Murray

Keilor’s Arundel Farm Estate is in the spotlight as part of the new hit Netflix series, Clickbait.

The estate was the location for the filming of the final episode of the American-Australian miniseries.

The series centres around the abduction of Nick Brewer and the race to undercover who is behind it.

The estate’s Sandra Ceccomancini said it was exciting having the film crew out at the farm in November.

“They were here in November for seven days, between 7pm and 7am,” she said.

“A lot of people have been excited when they’ve found out it was filmed here, some are amazed.

“The whole setup was really interesting.”

It’s not the first time the location has been used as a filming site. The farm is part of a Flims Victoria list.

In recent years it’s been used in advertisements for well known companies, while Ms Ceccomancini said she was told that it was used to film some of Gallipoli before they owned the place.

The filming and the release of the show is some good news in what has been a tough two years for the business with the COVID-19 lockdown.

“We’ve been closed down for so long,” Ms Ceccomancini said.

“It’s beyond a joke. The vines keep growing all the time. The restaurant has just stopped as we didn’t think it would be worth doing take away as we are a little bit further out.

“All the staff just want to get work.”