West launches carpool service

Wyndham Mayor Henry Barlow and driver Joseph Patamisi try out the Carpool in the West app. Photo by Damjan Janevski.


Move over Uber, Wyndham now has its own carpool service and app.

The Carpool in the West initiative launched earlier this month, enabling people to share rides with others nearby who are travelling in the same direction.

The service can be accessed via free smartphone apps and a website. The technology uses Google maps to pair carpoolers with others within a three-kilometre radius whose destinations are also within a three-kilometre radius.

The app was developed by Victoria University in conjunction with Maribyrnong council, Western Health, Werribee Mercy and the RACV.

Wyndham, Maribyrnong, Brimbank and Melton councils have all signed up to the initiative, as has Victoria University, Mercy Health, VicRoads, the Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust and Western Health.

A bus and multi-occupancy lane will be added to Point Cook’s Palmers Road in a bid to get residents on board with new ride-share opportunities, and some employers are also offering priority parking for people who carpool.

Wyndham mayor Henry Barlow said the initiative would help tackle traffic congestion across the west, particularly during peak hours.

“Traffic congestion has consistently ranked as one of the most important issues for Wyndham residents,” Cr Barlow said.

“By signing up to Carpool the West and sharing a ride, people can help to reduce the number of cars we have on our roads.

“But there are many other motivations for carpooling. It also reduces the wear and tear on your vehicle, helps you to save money on fuel, tolls and parking and reduces your carbon footprint.”

The initiative comes a month after the state government announced a $1.8 billion road upgrade for seven of Wyndham’s busiest roads.

For more information on Carpooling the West, visit www.carpoolthewest.org