Weekend BBQ warning


Premiership dreams aren’t the only things that go up in smoke in September.

New data released by AMMI shows that one in 10 BBQ fire claims are lodged since the start of the 2018 financial year occur in September, which happens to coincide with football finals.

Of the claims made in AMMI in September for BBQ fires, nearly a third occur in Victoria.

AAMI home claims spokesperson Craig White called for people to make sure they check their BBQ’s before they start cooking and make sure nothing flammable is left near the BBQ.

“Footy finals is the perfect time to be firing up the barbie, but you want to keep the serious roasting for the opposing team, not your eyebrows or backyard furniture,” he said.

“Premiership hopes aren’t the only thing that can go up in smoke.

“From speaking with our customers, we know that all it takes is a moment for a fat fire, or a slightly leaky LPG cylinder on your BBQ to go unchecked or unnoticed, and you can have a serious situation on your hands.

“With COVID-19 restrictions still in place in Victoria and NSW, the footy finals are more likely to be watched over a snag in the backyard than a pint at the pub for many, so you could say the steaks have never been higher.”