Vietnamese to be taught in local kinder


Albanvale Community Kindergarten will be one of 11 early learning services across the state that will be offered a place in Victoria’s bilingual kindergarten program next year.

The expansion is part of a $3.7 million investment from the state government to increase the diversity of children’s language skills in Victoria’s kindergartens, build stronger local communities and prepare children for an increasingly connected world.

Albanvale Community Kindergarten will teach Vietnamese as part of its kindergarten program from term one.

About 800 four-year-olds currently attend 10 existing bilingual kindergartens, where they learn in a language other than English for 12 hours of their weekly 15-hour kindergarten program. This expansion will give more than 400 more children the opportunity to learn in another language.

To help children develop their language skills, qualified language teachers incorporate language learning into fun everyday activities such as singing, dancing, painting and storytelling.

Children Minister Lizzie Blandthorn said learning another language unlocks many opportunities.

“These bilingual kinders will not only give our kids lifelong skills, they will connect them with communities and cultures from around the world,” she said.

“With languages that reflect the rich cultural diversity of our local communities, these 11 kinders are joining an extraordinary learning program that develops cultural awareness, builds social skills and strengthens identity.”