Variety grant applications open

Variety, the children’s charity has now opened applications for assistance for children in need and child support organisations across Brimbank.

Children living with disability or those experiencing disadvantage or illness can now apply for funding opportunities through Variety, with applications open until September 25.

Variety chief executive Mandy Burns is excited to open up this round of grants to support individuals and community groups to better support them.

“Our individual grants help kids and families facing challenges by providing them access to things like mobility equipment, communication devices, learning aids and technology,” Ms Burns said.

“We also offer grants to support schools and community groups for children living with disability or disadvantage. We know for so many it’s been an incredibly challenging two years and providing much-needed assistance is something we’re very proud of”.

Variety Heart Scholarship applications are also open which help enable kids to reach their full potential with two types of scholarships available, existing talent and education and technology.