The perfect model for flying fun

Greg Gardner with his 30cc petrol powered sbach plane

By Tate Papworth

Extraordinary aerobatic feats, helicopters, drones and wartime Spitfires will all be part of Keilor and District Model Aircraft Society’s fun day.

Society president Shane Talbot said the event, which would also include members from other clubs, would include many fancy flights.

“We’ll have at least 50 aircraft here, so it’s well worth coming down and having a look,” he said. “You might even be interested in joining the sport.”

The event will be held at the club’s Keilor base, located in Sydenham Park, off Farr Road, from 10am-3.30pm on Sunday, April 28.

Mr Talbot said the model aircraft could do everything their bigger cousins down the road at Tullamarine are capable of – except carry passengers.

“The models these days are made of moulded foam so they’re incredibly lifelike,” he said.

“The aerobatic ones can do loops, figure eights – anything a real plane can do.”

The club currently boasts more than 100 members, but Mr Talbot is keen to add to that.

“We’re growing each year and always want more members,” he said. “It’s great down here – we have a chat, a coffee, it’s a great place to socialise, but the best part is taking the control and flying these aircraft.”

Entry by gold coin donation.