The brides of Keilor East

By Tate Papworth

Meet the women looking to make Keilor East the one-stop shop for brides.

Strip shops can be highly competitive, but for Aneta, Vesna, Ronia and Dominique, their businesses are an opportunity to empower one another.

Ronia runs a makeup school, Ronia Makeup House, on the strip of shops located on McFarlane Street.

She’s been there for two years and said she was overjoyed when Aneta and Vesna moved in.

“Aneta came to my opening and fell in love with the street, she said she had to have a shop here and now she does.

“It’s been fantastic, we all work hand-in-hand. I freelance in bridal makeup, Aneta does bridesmaids dresses, Vesna at Locus Photography does the photos and Dominique does hair.

“We’re trying to make this a destination for bridal.”

Aneta added that the collaboration very much happened by chance.

“Vesna and I met through primary school, our children go to the same school,” she said.

“We had a discussion one night about expanding our businesses and decided that a joined workspace would be the best way to go and the idea of a collaboration stemmed from there.”

She said it was a thrill when three of the four ladies were able to recently work on a wedding together.

“We did a wedding recently where I fitted six bridesmaids dresses, Vesna did the photography and Ronia did the makeup and hair. We didn’t have Dominique quite in that mix, but that’s our goal – supporting each other and women in business.”