The art of inclusion

St Albans Secondary College art teacher Michael Bowden. (Damjan Janevski)

St Albans Secondary College art teacher Michael Bowden recently authored a new textbook for a VCE art subject beginning next year called ‘Making and Exhibiting’.

Mr Bowden, who has been an art teacher at St Albans Secondary College for 37 years, was the lead-author of the textbook for the new subject.

The subject replaces the existing studio arts textbook and will have a focus on making art and looking at art in contemporary times.

Mr Bowden said he wanted the book to be inclusive of people from all backgrounds having taught at a school with a diverse population.

“I wanted a book that’s accessible to pupils that go to a school like the one I teach in,” Mr Bowden said.

“I wanted language that was inclusive rather than exclusive.

“My main aim is to always have the pupils that I deal with represented and supported.”

Mr Bowden said he was pleased with the inclusion of Indigenous art and student work in the textbook.

“A notable part of this new study is the inclusion of first nations art where pupils are looking at it in an appropriate and respectful way and it is included… I’m really pleased about that,” he said.

Max Hatzoglou