Sunbury library leaves home of 42 years

Sunbury library staff pack for the move. Photo: Joe Mastroianni.

This week Sunbury library is closing the doors on more than 42 years of history.

The library is relocating from its Macedon Street building on November 30 to a temporary home at the Sunbury Youth Centre.

The existing library building will be demolished next month to make way for the Sunbury Hume Global Learning Centre.

Construction is expected to be completed in mid-2019.

Hume mayor Geoff Porter said the temporary relocation would not negatively impact the library or the youth centre.

“In fact, the co-location presents an opportunity for increased collaboration between the two services, and a chance to share diverse skills and knowledge with a larger community audience,” Cr Porter said.

The full library catalogue will be available at the youth centre and online from noon on Tuesday, December 5, for the next 18 months.

The library will relocate to the learning centre once it is complete.

Cr Porter said the Hume Global Learning Centre was a “significant step” towards making Hume “the education precinct”.