Sticking to those New Year’s resolutions

Will you be making resolutions for 2022? Picture: UNSPLASH.

By Mikayla van Loon

Is your aim to get healthy? Or is it to safe money?

Brimbank residents are among thousands, possibly millions of people in Australia make resolutions to lose weight, exercise more regularly, eat better, save money or spend more time with family and friends but the majority don’t seem to manage those vague intentions.

What if you could actually achieve those goals this year with a few simple steps? Would you attempt to stick to them this time?

Most of the time the problem lies with not setting specific enough goals so that each time a target is reached that’s an achievement in itself.

The best thing to help you stick to your goals is to set a detailed plan or timetable to give yourself those little milestones every so often.

So if it’s money you’re trying to save, make a plan to set aside an amount from every pay and set a monthly target to note the progress.

But be realistic in what you set as your overall goal and as those smaller targets, trying to achieve too much might lead to failure after a few weeks or months.

Being consistent is also going to make things easier. It only takes 28 days to create a habit, so by doing something each day or as often as you can, soon it will just be something you do and not a resolution.

Take exercise for example, if you can do something small every day at the same time or in the same place it’s going to leave an impression on your body and mind.

While yes it is good to make something a habit, don’t pressure yourself either, that might just lead to resentment of your resolution.

Other tips:

Start small

Get support from others to keep you motivated

Don’t expect big change to happen over night

Reevaluate your goals if you need to

After the last two years of lockdowns and restrictions it would be understandable if people want to set a number of resolutions but even though New Year’s calls for a fresh start, it doesn’t mean you have to set yourself goals at all.

Maybe just see where the year takes you and achieve along the way.