St Albans Green Gully Soccer Club 67 years on.

Left to right: Charles Grimaud, Hans Berens, Peter Kropman, Alfred Axiak, John Cefai, Charles Venes, Frans Berens, Charles Bordieri and Alfred Borg (Supplied)

By Holly McGuinness

St Albans Green Gully soccer club, originally AJAX held a reunion for its original team members last week.

The original members were formed by Harry Moakes, the founding coach of the team, who had a deep love for the sport. He immigrated from Malta in 1955 to St Albans, bringing his beloved sport with him.

The team was formed by word of mouth and door knocking to find players. To this day original players regularly see each other for a catch up, as occurred last week at the Green Gully Soccer Club.

“When we were growing up, you were always mates and nobody cared much about what you said or how you said it, it was just a really good upbringing for us,” Frans Berens said.

Back in its early days, the club would travel together by train for a couple of shillings and home again, spending a lot of time together both on and off the field, as most of them attended school together as well.

The reunion last week was supported by the Green Gully soccer club with a lunch put on for it’s original members.