St Albans coach makes Married at First Sight history

By Tate Papworth

A St Albans strength coach is hoping to find love and inspire others in the process.

Amanda is one half of the first lesbian couple on the popular reality show Married at First Sight.

While the show has a mixed success rate, Amanda said it was worth the chance.

“I went through a bit of a rough time after I split with my ex and wanted to throw caution to the wind,” Amanda, 34, said.

“I’m hoping this opportunity can open doors and change things up. I just felt like my life had become a bit routine and mundane.”

While she is hoping to find her perfect match, Amanda hopes her journey inspires others.

“I come from a traditional European family, where the idea is to get married, buy a house and have kids.

“So when I came out, it was something that’s a bit unheard of.

“I want to show people who I am and if there’s people who can relate to my story, I hope it inspires them.”

Although the show is aimed at finding love, Amanda said it won’t be the end of the world if things don’t work out with her bride.

“People I’ve told I’m going on the show have been so excited, they’ve been telling me I’ll have girls sliding into my direct messages like that if it doesn’t work out.

“I’m going to be on national TV so if it doesn’t work out hopefully some hot bird will see me, fall in love with me and it’ll be great.”

Married at First Sight premieres on the Nine Network on Monday, February 3.