Springside school zone backflip

By Tate Papworth

A “bureaucratic bungle” which would have seen up to 20 students from Springside College locked out of their preferred high school has been reversed.
In 2017 the Education Department announced Springside College would transition from a P-9 school to a P-6 school.
Parents say they were told that students affected by the change would be accepted into nearby Springside West Secondary College during the three year transition period.
However this year, about 20 students were rejected from Springside West because they fall outside of the school zone.
Furious parents rallied against the decision, saying the decision was causing much undue anxiety.
When contacted by Star Weekly, the Education Department said “a small number of parents may have received incorrect advice”. However it has since changed the narrative.
Late last month a letter sent by the department’s regional director Wendy Timms advised affected parents that the decision had been reversed.
“In light of the changes to Springside College and Springside West Secondary College, the Minister has granted an exemption from the application of the placement policy for families with children in grade 6 at Springside College, who are seeking a place at Springside West Secondary College in 2020,” the letter said.
“This coincides with the final phase of Springside College transitioning to a primary school.
“Therefore [child’s name] is now eligible to enrol in Year 7 at Springside West in 2020.
“Mr John Goodman, Principal of Springside West Secondary College has been informed of the review outcome.”
One of the parents Jasmina Grozdanovska said it’s an enormous relief.
“We’re so happy for the kids. They’ve been with the other students for six or seven years, so to be separated now would have been really stressful,” Ms Grozdanovska said.
“The kids are really excited about starting at their new school, we’ve already bought books and uniforms for next year.”