Spoonville brings joy

Spoonville. Pic of 3-year-old Ava. Photo by Damjan Janevski. 215215_02

Esther Lauaki

Rainbows and teddy bears have gone out the window in lockdown 2.0, replaced by another bright idea to keep stir-crazy children across the west busy.

Keilor Downs mum Amber Leece set up a Spoonville community, full of brightly painted wooden spoon characters, at her place and it is growing by the day with over 60 snazzy spoons on display.

“We’ve had young and old people join in, lots of people walk past and have a look and then return the next day with a spoon to add to the community,” Ms Leece said.

“It’s brought the local community together and brought so much joy.

“We’ve had so many kids, that we didn’t even know lived in the area, come out to bring their spoon characters along.

“People have been so creative, from Elsa and Ana characters from Frozen, really homemade ones with glitter, to superheroes.”

Ms Leece said Spoonville will stick around until lockdown is over and she encourages the community to contribute.

Spoonville is at the corner of Antwerp Drive and Penza Court, Keilor Downs.

Esther Lauaki