Song pays homage to health workers

215329_01 Michael Cristiano. (Supplied)

Esther Lauaki

A song of thanks to frontline health workers which is making waves around the world has a Keilor connection.

’Forever Grateful’ was written and performed by famous Australian musician Michael Cristiano, of The Original Seekers, who has called Keilor home for eight years.

The song was recently picked up by Sony and released in Australia and New Zealand gaining 170,000 online hits in its first week.

Cristiano said the message of thanks is more important than ever during Melbourne’s second wave.

“A friend of mine is a nurse unit manager in Melbourne and back in April when COVID became a huge issue… there was even less information than we have now about the virus,” he said.

“Health staff became really bamboozled by the whole thing and staff were really scared that they would catch it and then couldn’t go home to their families.

“There was so much uncertainty about quarantine and how quickly the virus was spreading.

“My friend contacted me, knowing that I’m a musician and songwriter, and said that staff morale was really down and she asked if I could write a song that would help lift their spirits.”

Cristiano, who has family in Italy and connections across the United States, dedicated Forever Grateful to all essential health workers around the world.

“With the resurgence of COVID across the world, this song is picking up traction and I think it’s a very poignant message at the moment,” he said.

“We don’t really give our health workers enough thanks for what they do.

“This song wasn’t even really written for COVID specifically because if you turn up to the hospital at any given time with cancer, broken limbs, a hangover or a hangnail, health workers are all there to help. They’ve always been there.

“This song was an opportunity to say thank you for all that they do for us.”


Esther Lauaki