Solar boost

Daniel Mulino and Troy Rowe from ReSource. (Supplied)

Derrimut will receive an influx of jobs with a new solar initiative.

A $3 million grant has been awarded to PV Industries to build a large-scale solar panel recycling plant.

PV Industries separates old solar panels into their components so they can be reused in

Manufacturing, and they have new software that simplifies and speeds up the whole process.

Co-founder Tim Dawson said the company was really stoked to get the grant.

“It is a newindustry and is capital intensive to establish. It can be difficult for these innovative programs to get off the ground,” he said.

Part of the grant will be used to commercialise the software program, while the bulk of the

grant will be used to develop the solar panel recycling plant at the facility of their sister

Company ReSource in in Derrimut.

ReSource, the brain child of Troy Rowe, another co-founder of PV Industries, has been recycling e-waste since 2016.

Fraser MP Daniel Mulino said it was another great success story for Melbourne’s west, which is home to a number of innovative, world-class technologies.

“This sort of recycling is vital for our economy. Recycling solar panels has long been a really difficult problem,” he said.

“However, even old panels contain a lot of valuable material, including things

such as copper, silver and silicon, so the more we can get out of them, the better.