Singer goes online

Stephanie Angelini

Tate Papworth

On a typical Saturday night, Stephanie Angelini is doing what she loves most – performing.

But with COVID-19 restriction in place, the Caroline Springs singer has had to roll with the times.

“I used to perform every weekend – aged care facilities, pubs, weddings, birthdays, corporate events… all types of gigs,” she said.

“But I’ve had none of them for months because of what’s happened, so I’ve tried to reinvent my system and work to maximise technology.”

Each Saturday night from 8.30, Angelini will be taking to her Facebook page and conducting online concerts.

“I’ve looked to entertain people through Facebook and Zoom and found that Facebook is a really good platform for it… a lot of my followers are on there.

It’s the second time Angelini has decided to turn to virtual concerts, having started the idea during the first round of restrictions earlier this year.

“I performed to my followers the first time around and they told me they loved it.

“The feedback was it kind of felt like a private concert in their space at home… a little like a regular gig.”

“I stopped a few weeks ago, but I was getting anywhere between 30 to 100 people viewing each night.”

While happy she’s able to keep doing what she loves, Angelini said it had been a massive adjustment.

“It’s been a huge learning curb,” she said.

“I’ve definitely had my down weeks where I miss seeing people sing along with me and dance, but this is a nice way to still interact.”