Sing a new tune

The Brimbank Multicultural Community Choir is looking for new voices. (Nino Photography)

By Tate Papworth

The Brimbank Multicultural Community Choir is looking for new members to freshen up its sound.

Musical director Veronica Gauci said the group was seeking a variety of new voices, including baritones, tenors, altos and sopranos.

“We have a wonderful group of singers, but we’re looking to boost our numbers,” Ms Gauci said.

“Singing together is a wonderful way to enjoy music and meet new people. You don’t need to be an experienced singer – all you need is a love of music and a willingness to join in.”

The choir meets regularly during school terms and occasionally performs at events such as a recent Bowery Theatre performance with Ajak Kwai in St Albans and citizenship ceremonies.

Ms Gauci said the choir sang in English as well as a diverse range of languages – including recent performances in Dutch, German, Italian, Maltese, and Tagalog – making it a truly multicultural choir.

“Some people can find singing in different languages challenging at first – but we take it slow and most people get the hang of it very quickly,” she said.

“It’s always a fun and rewarding experience to master a new piece,” she said.

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