Silos to light up

By Tate Papworth

Sunshine’s iconic silos will be illuminated with more than 1,000 artworks created by local students and teachers this Saturday.

The submissions were managed and curated by a team including local teachers Louis Oosthuizen and Sarah Butterfield, Victoria University researcher Sunny Gavran, and creative director of the Little Projector Company Lee Ramseyer Bache.

The spectacular pieces of art will be interwoven with interviews with local community members, animation, archive materials and multimedia.

All images will be displayed in high definition via three laser projectors with a light output of 34,000 lumens.

Mr Ramseyer Bache said it is one of the largest single multimedia projections ever created in Australia

“We are creating a 60-minute narrative embracing the industrial architecture of the Sunshine silos and celebrating the history and diversity of the Sunshine community,” Mr Ramseyer Bache said.

The festival begins at 4pm with food trucks, live music, roving performers and children’s activities.

Projections will begin from 8pm.