School’s book bonanza

08.11.2019 Books Dymocks Bookshop childrens charities has donated a stack of books to Stevensville Primary school in St.Albans with grade 4 students Kellie and Kim with books

By Tate Papworth

More than $8000 worth of new books will fill the shelves of Stevensville Primary School’s library after a special delivery last week.
The donation is courtesy of Dymocks’ Children’s Charities library regeneration program and the fundraising efforts of Dymocks 234 Collins St and its customers.
Dymocks’ Children’s Charities general manager Evelyn Liu said it was fantastic to see such excitement from the pupils.
“The kids are super excited, part of the fun now is getting to pick which book they want to read, then getting to take it home with them,“ she said.
“Dymocks’ Collins St [store] managed to raise $4,300 which we were able to double. We’re hoping it goes a long way to promoting literacy at the school.“
The store raises money through its roundup program, where it rounds every purchase up to the nearest dollar if the customer elects to do so.
It also sold a number of small items like tote bags which contributed to the cause.
The aim of library regeneration program is to promote daily reading for pleasure and help improve the students’ literacy skills.
A massive 85 per cent of Stevensville’s 214 students have a language background other than English.