School journey begins

Twins Liam and Julian are ready for the start of school. (Luke Hemer)

By Tate Papworth

As school starts for another year, so does the educational journey for thousands of preps across Brimbank.

For twins Liam and Julian of St Albans, it’s a mixture of excitement and nerves.

The boy’s mum, Brooke Scerri, said she was also battling nerves.

“I’m excited because it’s the beginning of a new milestone for the boys and they’ll be learning and making new friends, but I’m also a little sad,” she said.

“The boys were actually premature and we had a couple of issues early on, so it’s a little hard to let go.”

“Julian has told me he’s very excited to make new friends and learn. He’s a bit of a chatterbox so I feel sorry for the teacher.”

The boys will be attending St Albans East Primary School and Ms Scerri said she’s been sleeping easy knowing the boys are in safe hands.

“Liam has autism so he’s a little unsure on what to expect, but his older brother, who has the same thing, is also at the school and they’ve been fantastic.

“The school probably doesn’t get enough credit, they actually helped diagnose our son with autism and have been a massive help.

“Having one child there in similar circumstances has really put my mind at ease.”