Safety improvements needed


Tara Murray

Brimbank council is calling for safety upgrades on the Old Calder Highway near Overnewton College before someone is seriously hurt.

Councillor Maria Kerr raised a notice of motion last week highlighting concerns residents have about the stretch of road in Keilor.

“Residents are really concerned about speeding motorists, they’re worried about cars failing to stop when the flags are not out,” she said.

“They are sick of traffic congestion and they are concerned for families and kids that are attempting to cross that road.

“There have been some really severe near misses, a couple of people have been hit and it’s a matter of time before something more serious happens. ”

The council will write to Roads and Road Safety Minister Ben Carroll seeking consideration for funding to upgrade the Old Calder Highway and Overnewton Road intersection.

Cr Kerr is also calling for an investigation into road safety on that stretch of road and an assessment for a signalised pedestrian crossing in the future.

She said residents had contacted her expressing their concerns about the road and the behaviour of motorists.

“I’m submitting this motion on behalf of the local community to advocate for the state government to fix this issue to avoid any further accidents.

“The Old Calder Highway is a main thoroughfare and connects Taylors Lakes to Keilor.”

Councillor Virginia Tachos said traffic concerns along the Old Calder Highway was an ongoing issue that had been raised a number of times.

She said drivers continued to put the lives of pedestrians at risk and it was time something was done.

“Living in that particular area, I only have two exits,” she said. “That’s the Green Gully exit and the one on the Old Calder.

“On any given day, you can not get out, it’s an asbsolute nightmare to get out of there. With a few other schools, people are competing on that road to try and get to the Old Calder exit to get to the freeway to get to work”

The motion was supported by all councillors.