Safety camera push

By Tate Papworth

Sunshine traders are set to lobby the Department of Justice and Brimbank council to install CCTV cameras throughout the suburb.
The move comes after a string of violent incidents in the area.
Two men were shot in the vicinity of Devonshire Road and Hampshire Road in the early hours of November 3.
They were taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries, however traders have had enough.
The incident took place opposite Sweeney Estate Agents and the company’s director Benny Nguyen said he firmly supported the introduction of cameras to the area.
“I’m 100 per cent on board with the idea,” he said.
“I think the Sunshine Business Association has been pushing for cameras since Fiona Warzywoda was stabbed in the middle of the street back in 2014.
“Speaking to the police after the recent shooting, I know they also think it’s a good idea too.”
Sunshine Business Association president Carson Luk confirmed the move.
“Our position on this has changed over the past few years,” Mr Luk said.
“For a while we thought other things like improved lighting needed to happen before cameras went in, but now our backyard is in order, we’ll be putting in an application for cameras when the Department of Justice grants open next year.”
Mr Luk indicated that cameras were wanted throughout the entirety of Hampshire Road and in the surrounding laneways, but that would take some time.
“Given the size of the area we’re looking to cover, it’s likely that this will actually take a few grants over a number of years.
“We’ve had informal conversations with the local police and our councillors and both have supported the idea.”
To receive the grant, the Sunshine Business Association will have to submit a formal application to the Department of Justice, complete with support from Victoria Police, who need to agree to monitor the camera.
However Mr Luk called on Brimbank council to step in.
“The council are asking how their budget should look going forward. We’ve made it clear that this would be a good investment.
“We can apply for all the grants we want, but we’re competing against the state. If we get budget money allocated, that’s something we’re guaranteed.
“I look forward to seeing them turned on as soon as possible.”