Rising rental prices causing issues


Max Hatzoglou

Residents in the community are suffering from rental and house prices increasing as a lack of support is leaving some stranded without a home.

Sunshine real estate agent and founder of Create Vic Real Estate in Sunshine, Steven Tabban says affordable rentals are becoming hard to find causing problems within the community.

Mr Tabban explained a story of a lady who has been looking for a new rental for months now as the owner of the home she is in has to sell.

The lady has no family and her only income is her pension.

Despite her having paid rent for 38 year, she is still unable to find a new place as agents say her income is not enough and does not fit the formula of affordability.

Tabban said he had spoken to her at least once a week hoping to find a new home.

Mr Tabban who ran for council said a number of costs such as gas and electricity bills were to blame for the high rental prices, leaving it difficult for landlords to keep the prices low.

“In what world can a landlord afford to keep rent low. And in what world can people doing it hard afford the rental prices,” Tabban said in a Facebook post to the Brimbank community.

He believes more support is needed particularly for single adults, pensioners and people living with a disability.

“The system is absolutely garbage for both tenants and landlords in these brackets,” he said.

“There is little to no assistance from Brimbank council to these tenants.

“There is no state and federal support.”

Mr Tabban wants the government to provide a scheme so people can live healthier lives.

“My thoughts – creating property brackets – pricing brackets with government support either to these tenants or to the owners who keep their properties in an affordable range,” he said.

“Rebates on compliance and support to provide safe, clean and cheap homes. “