Residents react to lockdown

Pic of police check point at Keilor. Photo by Damjan Janevski. 210687_11

Tate Papworth

Brimbank residents forced back into lockdown by the state government say they understand the reasons, but are angry the situation came to this.

Keilor Downs resident Sharon Munro said having a child who is of “high risk” when it comes to COVID-19 made it easier to accept the reimposed restrictions.

“I was expecting it to come a week ago, hopefully it’s not too late,” Ms Munro said.

“I’m trying remain positive. I have a child who is high risk and has lots of medical conditions, so we’ve really only been going out for the essentials.

“We’re in this for the long haul so it’s frustrating when we see people ignoring the rules.”

Fellow Keilor Downs resident Prue Brigham agreed with the decision, but feared people from “hot spots”may be discriminated against.

“I feel we’re soon coming to a point – even when we can cross borders – we may be subjected to tougher restrictions than people not in these areas,” Ms Brigham said.

“It should be a case by case basis… I heard over 900 people refused to be tested by door knockers.

“I’m quite upset and angry when I hear that. They made it so easy for us. We don’t want panicking… don’t want this illusion we’re all doing the wrong thing. I’ve done everything in my power to do the right thing.”

Keilor resident Rosa Bruno hasn’t been forced into lockdown, but said the rules would impact her community regardless.

“The local economy is going to take a big hit, but the cost of not doing this is people’s lives.”