Renewed hope for Brimbank carers hub

By Tate Papworth

There is renewed hope that a carers hub could be established in Brimbank.

In early July, carer advocate Despina Havelas told Star Weekly that Brimbank’s carers were in urgent need of a hub.

“There’s been plenty of times that I’ve been exhausted and alone,” she said.

“A hub would give people in the same situation a chance to speak to others, to know they’re not alone, to find important information and to find agencies.”

Despite the pleas, Brimbank community wellbeing director Kath Brackett said a council feasibility study, endorsed at the council’s meeting in December, 2018, didn’t support the concept.

But during its July meeting, a number of councillors voiced their support for a hub. Cr Virginia Tachos said it was clear there was a gap that needed to be addressed.

“I’m hearing that there’s a strong voice out there that wants us to explore a carers hub,” she said,

“There is a very strong need, I feel, that these people need to connect, share knowledge and support each other. Whilst we aim to make all our facilities and spaces disability friendly, there is still a gap.”

Councillors John Hedditch, Margaret Giudice and Duyen Anh Pham also spoke in support of a hub.

Ms Havelas said the show of support left her optimistic.