Reduced parking on the cards


Tara Murray

New developments in the Sunshine and St Albans activity centres could be required to provide less parking under a new draft parking overlay.

Brimbank councillors at last week’s council meeting voted in favour of the draft Sunshine Metropolitan Activity Centre and St Albans Major Activity Centre car parking plans.

As part of this, new developments in certain parts of the St Albans Major Activity Centre, and all land zoned activity centre zone within the Sunshine Metropolitan Activity Centre, won’t be required to have as many car parks included in planning permits.

The council hope that by adopting the lower proposed rates, it will provide greater certainty for council, developers and the community regarding the appropriate amount of car parking that is needed in each of the centres.

Councillor Bruce Lancashire said parking had been something the council had been working on for a number of years.

He highlighted the changes could reduce the number of planning permits that end up being appealed at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal by proponent seeking to reduced parking requirements.

“Parking is at a premium in both locations,” he said.

“It’s not possible to have a situation where a new development solves all of the existing parking problems in one area.

“We certainly want to see encouragement for the development in St Albans and Sunshine.”

Councillor Victoria Borg said it was hoped the reduction of car parking requirements would encourage residents to reduce reliance on private cars and increase the use of more sustainable transport.